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Journal for Advanced Research in
Commerce and Management Studies

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Journal for Advanced Research in Commerce and Management Studies[JARCMS] is an open access, peer-reviewed refereed and Semi-Annual journal published by S S Publications, Repalle, Guntur District , Andhra Pradesh, India.
The main objective of JARCMS is to provide an intellectual platform for the National and International scholars.
JARCMS aims to promote interdisciplinary studies in all Commerce and Management Studies become
the leading journal in inter disciplinary sciences in the world.
JARCMS welcomes the submission of manuscripts,that covers all areas of Commerce Management Disciplines.
We publish original research articles, review articles and technical notes.
Our fast reviewing process is our strength.
Your comments will help us to improve the quality and content of the journal.
We accept only those manuscripts which are submitted through E-mail.
submit manuscript through E-mail: jarcmspapers@gmail.com
Frequency: Semi-Annual
[January - June ]

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